The player steps in the shoes of an underwater explorer and photographer who sets off on an expedition to the Pacific Ocean. To make underwater photography more realistic the player has to use the same gear as a real underwater explorer to dive and take photos.

3 types of camera


The simplest camera to help you learn taking photos. Doesn’t require focusing or centering but can’t take perfect pictures. Good for shooting quick photos at the beginning of your underwater adventure.


A more advanced camera introduced later in the game that allows you to take better photos but requires more skill and patience. Focuses automatically, but takes a moment to do so. The right tool for a pro photographer.

Manual focus

The most difficult to handle, but also the most rewarding camera that requires you to focus photos yourself. The good news is that it allows you to take perfect underwater photos and pass the most difficult tasks.

Marine life
The underwater world of the game was based on actual Pacific marine environment. Tens of real fish species wait to be discovered.